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Dave Shadow front cover




That’s my humbly tribute to the 80’s way of making music videos.

As me the “golden age” of music: when musicians played just for the pleasure of playing music cuz’ music ain’t a job, it’s just a portrayal of your soul.

I’m still devoting all my time and all my efforts to people who still follow me, to all my friends (since I don’t like to call them “fans”) without any reward in exchange.

That’s my tribute to all of You because this is really Me!

Dave Shadow – Now or Never

Taken from the album:

Dave Shadow – Me Myself And I (2016 – JL Records)

Dave Shadow – Me Myself And I (2016)

The first solo album from the singer of My Sixth Shadow, This Void Inside, Black Deep White

11 tracks of pure romantic Scandinavian rock metal. For all lovers of Europe, Him, The Rasmus.

“You only live once, so make the most of it!”


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