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In the shiny essence of darkness I will find your presence. I will drink from your lips the sweet wine of loneliness and feel the gloom and the beauty from your angel eyes.
(Dave Shadow)
I was born on June 24th 1973 in Rome. I know this is the worst fucking way to start a biography, but in the very end…this is me, simply fucking me.
I have never liked to talk about my past life since I think that the present prevails over past memories, and that is far and away the thing that counts.
I just want to say that I have always been in love with art, literature and rock n’ roll.
I definitively can claim that all of my existence was orchestrated by a strange kind of melancholy “nostalgia”, and a strong sense of void, like missing something important, something you can’t touch but you can only imagine.
Music, art and literature have always filled this strange defect in my twisted mind.
I started composing and playing music when I was just 14. My very early and first composition is lost somewhere in an alternative universe where nothing is ever truly lost.
My very first band was called Holy Blood formed in 1989. Then another band called Mizar from 1994 to 1998 .
Any release by the previously mentioned bands, would be impossible to obtain.
At the beginning of 2000, fellow musician Victor Love(Dope Stars Inc.) and I formed the well known band called My Sixth Shadow.
We released 2 demos, 1 Ep and 1 album , before the band split up:
My Sixth Shadow (2000)
Sacrifice (2002)
Ten Steps To Your Heart (2003)
Love-Fading Innocence (2005)
After this I formed another band called This Void Inside, and released the album “Dust” (2008).
It was the first time I experienced my skills in writing and producing. Everything from lyrics, music and arrangements to the actual production of an album (mixing, editing and mastering)
My current band at the moment is called Black Deep White. A music project that came out from my co-operation with a way talented drummer and great motivator Mr. Massimiliano Mangiagli. Another chance to improve my ability in writing and producing songs. The band released one ep and one full lenght:
Tonight (2012)
Invisible (2015)
And finally we are there; the present time!
Dave Shadow – Me Myself And I
An anthem to my egotism , to my beeing selfish and desperetaly in love with myself after all.
A collection of songs that I have never wanted or been able (sometimes) to release with other bands and just kept for my own delight. Now it’s the time to share this “secret archive” with everyone.
And I just wanna do it my way:
Me Myself And I

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