Dave Shadow’s biography

In the shiny essence of darkness I will find your presence. I will drink from your lips the sweet
wine of loneliness and feel the gloom and the beauty from your angel eyes (Dave Shadow)
Dave Shadow is an italian singer, multi- instrumentalist, author, composer, arranger and producer.
Born in Rome (Italy) on June 24th 1973, Dave was raised to his parents Adriano (an aeronautical
technical and communist activist) and Claudia (a housewife and former singer).
His life has always been characterized by love for art and literature. He wrote his first novel when
he was eleven. By the age of thirteen Dave Shadow started taking music lessons by the former
guitarist of the 60's italian band called I Giganti. At the same time, his father gave him his first
electric guitar. In 1993 he released his first demo tape, as a singer, with the band Holy Blood .
After that he started playing gigs all around Italy wih the above mentioned band until they
defenitively split in 1998.
In 2000 founded, together with Victor Love (Dope Stars Inc, Master Boot Record), the band
called My Sixth Shadow. A seven years collaboration that brought the six members a certain fame
thanks to the keen interest from most magazines such as Kerrang!, Orkus, Metal Hammer and
thanks to an intense live activity all around Europe. The band released two demos and two albums
until their break up in 2007.
In 2006 Dave Shadow formed a new band called This Void Inside, with the role of singer,
composer and producer. The band released two studio albums.
From 2010 to 2015 Dave released one Ep and one full-lenght, behind the moniker Black Deep
White, supported by accomplished musicians from the roman scene like Marko Pavic (Pavic),
Massimiliano Mangiagli (The 5th Season) and Tiziano Milani (Cheope).
The awareness of his own artistic means led the Italian singer to pursue the solo career in 2016.
Later the year Dave released his first solo album. An outright one man band since he wrote,
arranged, performed and produced all the tracks included in the cd. That has been a higly positive
experience by which he received several accolades in music criticism. This resulted in a new artistic
ferment and encouraged him to write new material for a second solo album. This new inspiration
and his great concerce about climate change are the key ingredients in the recording of a 16 tracks
new album, that is supposed to be released in 2022: Dave Shadow - The Perfect Soundtrack For
The End Of The World .
Dave Shadow discography:
Holy Blood – Dead Sentence (demo 1994)
My Sixth Shadow – My Sixth Shadow (demo 2000)
My Sixth Shadow – Sacrifice (demo 2002)
My Sixth Shadow – Ten Steps To Your Heart (2003)
My Sixth Shadow – Love-Fading Innocence (2005)
This Void Inside – Dust (2008)
This Void Inside – Losing My Angel (single 2017)
This Void Inside – My Second Birth / My Only Death (2018)
Black Deep White – Tonigth (Ep 2012)
Black Deep White – Invisible (2015)
Dave Shadow – Me, Myself And I (2016)
Dave Shadow – The Perfect Soundtrack For The End Of The World (2022)

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