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My Sixth Shadow band line up
The widely scattered 6th shadow that every human being drops toward the senseless universe reflecting its lonely condition. Like grains of white sand, tightly lying on a desert land. Try to behold your existence. The masks you wear everyday. The motley-pretending way of appearing that you are so used to. You are just the shadow cast by the real one you keep trapped inside your soul. “Each shadow represents you in different ways: as the others consider you, as you consider yourself. Who are you definitely? Imagine, just for a while, that everyone conventionally casts four shadows toward the cardinal points and then two shadows, respectively toward the highest side of the sky (heaven, maybe?) and the deepest part of the earth (hell, maybe?). The first shadows represent your daily way of appearing, the last ones represent the true essence of your being. Now it’s up to you to take the final chance: Which is your sixth shadow? Is it the one that waits to soar through the sky above or the other one, the black unconscious slumbering inside of you?” This is the reading key of the My Sixth Shadow world. Rising from the ashes of “The Masquerade”, My Sixth Shadow was born when Victor and Joseph, while searching for a new vocalist, met Dave who was performing at a club in December 1999. Dave was already playing in a lot of other projects with an impressive and really personal style. Victor suddenly understood that he found the right singer for a totally brand new band with a different style and approach. After a goth party and a quick listen to the new material (in a car in front of the club), Dave joined the band with big motivation and lots of ideas to work with. The line up was ready: Dave (vocals), Victor (Guitars & Backing Vocals), La Nuit (Guitars), Joseph (Bass), and Fet (Drums). The five guys released their 1st self-titled promo EP in the summer of 2000. In November of the same year, Dani joined the band at keyboards, bringing more electronic atmospheres and romantic piano melodies to the overall sound. During summer 2001, after some performances around Italy and continuous style research, My Sixth Shadow started recording the 5 tracks EP “Sacrifice”. “Sacrifice” was the result of a new inspiration toward darkwave & gothic atmospheres, featuring electro-shaped sounds surrounded by powerful 7 strings guitars. A deep and compact work, mixing romantic emotions with aggressive guitar riffing and heavy drum patterns. Something you can call “New Wave Of Gothic Metal”. The EP was ready in early 2002, released with wonderful packaging and design made by Grace Khold (Neon Trinity Kill). Magazines started to receive the promo-packages on their desks and the feedback was totally enthusiastic. The band obtained top scoring and some features on sampler cds from the European press. Three times the featured band on, band of the week on the Viva Text in Germany, band of the month on Psycho!, top scoring reviews on Metal Hammer, Imperiumi, Legacy and then a KKKK scoring on Kerrang UK, definitively confirmed the potential of the band. A network of fans started to grow up supporting the band in the most incredible ways. In the spring of 2002, My Sixth Shadow released a couple of preview mp3 tracks on “Intoxicate My Heart” and “Shadows In My Love” suddenly reached the top positions on charts and held strong for 3 months. In November 2002, the band started to record in studio a set of 12 brand new tracks. After the recording sessions, the 6 shadows joined Darkwell as support touring in Germany and The Netherlands. Some other shows followed in Italy with Novembre, Death SS and Stormlord. In May 2003 the mix of their self-produced album was ready and the band was just going to release it independently when Voice Of Life records (Germany) contacted and signed the band for a 3 year deal with European distribution. “10 Steps 2 Your Heart” came out on 18 July 2003, featuring only 5 new tracks of the 12 track set and 5 tracks of the old EP “Sacrifice”. Released as a “preview” of the real debut album (supposed to be released during 2004), the band received again great response from the European press (Orkus, Metal Heart, Metal Observer,, Imperiumi, and Rockhard) and performed several live shows during 2003 to promote the release. After an intense song writing period from spring until winter of 2003, the songs selected for the real debut album were ready in demo version. Only one track of the old set was included in the new album track list (Shadows In My Love). In the meantime Victor founded a new band, Dope Stars Inc. (Industrial/ Ebm/ Metal), together with the Grace Khold that designed the 10 Steps 2 Your Heart artwork. The “Love-fading Innocence” recordings started in January 2004 at the Subsound Records studios. The pre-master was ready in April 2004. The ultimate sound of the band was achieved: An incredible mix of deathrock/darkwave obscure sounds, mixed with modern shaped heavy metal influences, electro sounds and gothic/punk attitude. It was as though Bauhaus, Christian Death, Metallica, My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Depeche Mode and In Flames working together developing a new style. You can’t describe fully, with few words, such a wide mix of influences. You can just let My Sixth Shadow surround you and feel the passion behind it. During the summer of 2004, the band decided to terminate the record deal with its label and started to submit the pre-master of the album to some other record labels. After a short time, Watch Me Fall records recognized the potential of the new songs and signed My Sixth Shadow for a new album in November 2004. “Love-Fading Innocence”, mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios (Finland), packed with excellent artwork designed by Grace Khold, will come out in January 2005 and marketed worldwide by Masterpiece Distribution. A promotional tour is close to being arranged for spring 2005 to promote the new album release. A brand new website featuring lots of multimedia improvements and the official street team will be uploaded soon. Stay Tuned and let My Sixth Shadow surround you! My Sixth Shadow are: # Dave – Lead and Backing Vocals # Victor – Guitars and Backing Vocals # La Nuit – Guitars # Joseph – Bass # Dani – Keyboards # Fet – Drums




This Void Inside band
Music and literature are not simply expressions of artistic forms: they are more than this. They represent the light among the shadows, the unique road to salvation from a world of darkness and tragedy , shaped by an absent, def and mute god who has betrayed, forsaken and forgotten all that he’s created.
This Void Inside came into being from this kind of philosophical concept.
The band was originally formed in 2003 by Dave Shadow (ex front man of the Italian gothic My Sixth Shadow) and was more a musical “forge” where experimenting new sounds and new concepts than a true band.
In 2006 Dave met Johnny Rainbow (the ex guitarist of TVI) during a gothic evening in Rome, and after listening to Dave’s material he decided to join the band .
After several months spent searching for musicians, the band got his official line up only at the beginning of 2008
Between August and November 2007 they recorded their first twelve tracks promo cd @ Dark Dave Studios. The album, called “Dust”, has been produced, mixed and mastered by Dave Shadow.
All songs was written by Dave Shadow, except for SEND ME A SIGN and WISH, written by Dave Shadow and Victor Love.
The debut full length was officially released on February the 14th 2008 in limited edition for true fans only, while the band definitely started playing on stage in Rome attending to important gothic festivals and supporting important gothic bands.
Dust v. 1.0 limited edition (300 copies) was sold out in 2 months only after the release date! A first important goal for a new gothic band!
In may 2008 This Void Inside reached its second goal by signing for DECADANCE RECORDS (Latexxx Teens, Pulcher Femina, Siva Six)
Due to the unexpected feed back the debut album achieved in a very short length of time, This Void Inside and DECADANCE RECORDS worked on a new version of Dust.
“Dust v 2.0” was enriched by a brand new layout and artwork and was released in October 2008 .
black deep white band
The band was formed in 2010 as a result of an accidental encounter between the drummer Massimiliano Mangiagli and the singer, author and composer Davide Catucci (aka Dave Shadow, ex leader of the band called My Sixth Shadow) at Rock Society Studios, situated in the suburbs of Rome. Both Massimiliano and Dave were there, the first one to record drums for his previous band ( prog-metal, The Fifth Season) and the second one to submit new pre-produced tracks for the attention of his friend and Rock Society’s owner Roberto Cufaro. When Massimiliano listened to Dave’s songs, written for This Void Inside, which was his band at the time, he immediately proposed to record drums for them. Shortly after the new drummer realized that , dispite Dave’s talent, the rest of the band, far and away, didn’t match up with that kind of sound. He then suggested to Dave to postpone the new release and take time to recruit musicians for a new line-up. A few weeks later a new project took shape under the new moniker BLACK DEEP WHITE, when Tiziano Milani (ex Cheope) and Carlo Emanuele Manca, successfully auditioned for the role of bassist and guitarist. The four dedicated several months to check songs and look after improving arrangements at the rehearsal and make selections of potential hit-singles to be included in a debut EP. At the same time the band had a significant meeting with Mauro Scafati, the owner of an independent publishing house (who will be their first executive producer). After thoroughly examining Black Deep White’s material, Scafati proposed sponsoring the release of a 4 tracks mini – album to be produced at one of the best Recording Studio in Rome , and the shooting of a music video with Carlo Roberti & SOLO BUIO VISUAL FACTORY. From August to December 2011; Dave, Massimiliano, Carlo and Tiziano were engaged in recording their first EP, under the supervision of two professional engineers and sound designers: Marco Resovaglio and Danilo Silvestri. Black Deep White – Tonight Ep (2012) Tracklist: 1. TONIGHT (YOU ARE THE MEANING OF LOVE) 2. SHATTERED 3. LOST IN A MOMENT 4. UP TO SOME DAYS AGO Tonight EP was issued in the middle of 2012 along with the first official video of the band , exclusively distributed for free digital download and followed by a short but intense series of live gigs which earned the band an excellent audience feedback. A dance remixed version of the title track was also released by Dj Jurij at the beginnig of 2013. A sudden increase of the band’s promotional and logistical commitments led to producer Mauro Scafati’s hard decision to end his cooperation with the four. He recognized his own limits in comparison with this high-explosive project. After Scafati’s defection another unforeseen issue occured. Carlo Emanuele resolved to quit the band because of his imminent fatherhood and all related family duties. His last performance along with his mates was the opening act for Fish (the memorable voice of Marillion) which gave the opportunity for Black Deep White to meet their current guitarist. Marko Pavic was indeed there among the spectators and intensely affected with the sound of the italian quartet. Hailing from Belgrade, Pavic rose to italian and international fame thanks to his outstanding skill with the "6 strings" and for collaborations with many great musicians such as Kee Marcello , Vitalij Kurprij, Tony Franklin, and so on. To cement the new line up and let everyone know the band was still "alive and kicking" they decided to shoot a brand new music video for the third track taken from debut EP: Lost In A Moment This time, the direction was commited to Dave’s dear and talented friend Gianluca Renzi, who was already the maker of Time Will Tell (This Void Inside). The band’s popularity seemed to rise again since the earlier fan clubs spontaneously appeared in the US and in Mexico! Several messages of appreciation coming from the web ,day by day ,led the band to consider further new "Bdw crews " in other countries as well, above all in Russia and in Polland, as a real certainty. That sequence of positive events, urged the four to write material for an album, that promptly gained the interest of a new producer. Mr Sante Giavazzi, who was introduced to black deep white by Simone Scorcelletti (owner of Duncan Eventi, a well known italian music agency), agreed to producing new tracks along with the 4 previous traks taken from the debut EP. At last, in November 2013, the guys went to Legend Studios in Rome, for the making of their first full length album, assisted by sound designer Mr Mauro Matteucci. At the same time they partook in the shooting of their third music video, again directed by Gianluca Renzi, based on the first hit single Invisible. That song has even been remixed by the famous italian dj Marco Casale, who released two dance versions that will be featured in the new album as well. The making of the artwork will probably be assigned to the American illustrator Raven Johnson, previously author of some bdw members’ portraits. Other good news came the second half of 2014. In June 2014 Massimiliano Mangiagli reached a prestigious goal: he was included as one of the twelve finalist list for best drummer in the world at the BIG DRUM BONANZA AWARDS! At the same time Dave Shadow took up a new career as composer,producer, writer, composing, arranging and producing music for other artists. He also wrote a song that will be featured on new album from Greek gothic metal band SAD DOLLS. Black Deep White official line-up is: Dave Shadow : Vocals and Synth Programming Marko Pavic: Guitars Tiziano Milani: Bass Massimiliano Mangiagli: Drums Additional live musicians: Andrea "Keymaster" Balzani: Keyboards & Pianos Frank Marrelli: Guitars Black Deep White – The Album (2014) Tracklist: 1. Invisible 2. Farther Back 3. All For You 4. Lesson In Love (Level 42 cover) 5. Utopia 6. Lost In A Moment 7. Shattered 8. Up To Some Days Ago 9. Tonight (You Are The Meaning Of Love) 10. Invisible_RadioEdit_Master (by Dj Marco Casale) 11. Invisible_Extended_Master (by Dj Marco Casale)

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